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IP Address Port Protocol SSL? ISP Country Region City Anonymity Response Time (Avg) Uptime (Avg) Last Checked 80 HTTP false Google LLC 🇭🇰 Hong Kong Central and Western District Hong Kong elite 0.09s 6.25% 12 hours ago 9292 HTTP true DIGINETBRASIL TELECOMINICAÇOES LTDA ME 🇧🇷 Brazil Sao Paulo Itapevi elite 1.23s 15.79% 12 hours ago 8080 HTTP false PT. INDOSAT Tbk 🇮🇩 Indonesia West Sumatra Anduring transparent 1.24s 12.5% 12 hours ago 80 HTTP false NForce Entertainment B.V. 🇳🇱 Netherlands North Holland Amsterdam transparent 0.02s 2.38% 12 hours ago 80 HTTP false TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 Colombia Departamento del Cesar Barranca de Lebrija transparent 0.36s 7.14% 12 hours ago 999 HTTP false InterNexa Global Network 🇨🇴 Colombia Departamento del Huila Baraya transparent 0.45s 12.5% 12 hours ago 3999 HTTP true BrainStorm Network, Inc 🇳🇴 Norway Oslo County Oslo transparent 0.12s 8.11% 12 hours ago 3128 HTTP true Cloudie Limited 🇭🇰 Hong Kong Central and Western District Hong Kong transparent 4.81s 19.35% 12 hours ago 1981 HTTP false LINKdotNET AS number 🇪🇬 Egypt Cairo Governorate Cairo transparent 1.43s 14.29% 12 hours ago 8080 HTTP true Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited 🇹🇭 Thailand Khon Kaen Khon Kaen elite 0.28s 6.25% 12 hours ago